Carhartt Tough

Carhartt Seat Covers

Legend Meets Legend

Who ever would have thought that the legendary Carhartt® brand would ever have made it's way onto our truck seats?  Well, it has. Carhartt® meet Covercraft Industries.  Two industry giants partnering together to produce some of the best truck accessories that are out there right now.  

That rugged Duck Weave is not just for your jacket or your overalls anymore.  Not only truck seat covers, but the Carhartt®/Covercraft dynamic duo is also churning out some pretty bad ass Truck Covers as well as other accessories.  

If you're looking to outfit your entire truck in Carhartt®,  say no more.  Starting with a choice of either standard fit or PrecisionFit Carhartt® Seat Covers, you can choose whether you want the extra padded comfort or not.   PrecisionFit's tend to be a little more on the expensive side, but you definitely reep that back in max comfort and fit.  The standard fit Carhartt Seat Covers are still just as custom fit, but lack the additional padding.  

Now let's up the anty.   You know how that dashboard is going to bake in the sun on a hot day.  We've got 2 solutions for that.  A custom Carhartt®  UVS100 windshield sun shade paired with a custom Carhartt® dashboard cover.  Can you say winning?   But why stop there?  You're cargo area needs to have some protection from your furry friend with a nice Cargo area liner.   But where is your wife or kid going to store all their accessories?  Well, in a Seatback organizer of course!  The list goes on.  So many awesome ways to accessorize your truck and all in the name of Carhartt!  

An entirely decked out Carhartt® Truck?  We're in.